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Logistics Consultant Service

          According the various businesses of Berli Jucker (Public) Company network which usually import and export in inbound and outbound, Berli Jucker Logistics was established in 2000 to response the Berli Jucker product requirement. The variety of products from the network taught us how to manage the special product. Learning from the situation, gave us to know how to resolve the solution. These things make customer rely on and believe in us which we give them a right way in logistics consulting. Today Berli Jucker Logistic is an expertise service provider which helps you in custom clearing, freight providing, transporting until arranging the warehouse by adapting the process to match customer requirement.

          The outstanding of Berli Jucker Logistics is one stop service by emphasizing in solution solving which the professional consultant supported. So you can confident that your logistics is systematic and efficiency in saving logistic cost by following our process or changing a bit process system. We are proud to propose this, success way to you by expecting you to success. As we strongly believe your success is our success. Let’s to provide

- Importing and Exporting the cargo
- Planning and Suggesting the privilege of pay duty and tax
- Reorganizing the document and information process
- Inventory Management or Specialty Provide the source to develop or manage your warehouse

Consultant Experience
          Berli Jucker Logistics consists of the expertise consultant team which a high experience specified in Logistics and Supply chain management also be supported by reviewing from the special officer which guaranteed by custom, showing their expertise approval 4 officers. Moreover they are understand well in your business target, so we believe that our team can answer your question well to reach your goal.

The Consulting Way
          The customer can contact by telephone or give us a message by e-mail. Our officer will get your reply by 2-3 office days

CALL CENTER : (+66)2-367-1233

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