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Transportation and Distribution Services

We have a well established transportation network which offers an efficient delivery service to thousands of customers and drop-points nationwide with a delivery performance target of 24 hours in Bangkok and 48 to 72 hours up-country. Current operations include retail distribution, consumer and healthcare goods as well as support to the manufacturers of finished goods. We also manage return of customers "proof of delivery" documents within 5 days from any location throughout Thailand.

BJC Logistics current service includes delivery of a large varieties of products from Consumer products, Foods and Non-Foods, Stationery, Imaging Products, Industrial Specialty Chemicals, Refrigerants, Food Ingredients, as well as Electronic, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

Some of the transportation services we offer include:

Order Aggregation
Our systems and processes turn the translation of orders into shippable items into an opportunity for optimization. Because our transportation, warehousing and order management systems are integrated, we can combine or subdivide orders into shipments that meet customer requirements at the lowest transportation cost. This order aggregation links the customer order perspective to the shipment or logistics execution perspective, making visibility more accurate and simpler.

Carrier Management and Route Selection
BJC Logistics provides a consistent program to manage rates and carrier relationships. Our rates are used in shipment optimization are constantly updated using state of the art electronic trading capabilities with a broad carrier base. The processes we employ improve freight audit and payment, load tender, and shipment tracking. Our system allows our transportation planners to design and execute complex routes that may include multiple stops, cross docking, and merge in transit. All these options are considered when the routing is designed, and when a shipment method is selected. Because the transportation and warehouse system are integrated, the order loading required on a trailer with multiple stops can be communicated directly from to the warehouse floor, ensuring the truck is on time along the route.

Multi-Modal Rating and Execution
BJC Logistics manages all transportation modes, including LTL, TL, Air, and Ocean. Our logistics team will recommend the best mode for a particular shipment using a sophisticated rating system and then execute that shipment flawlessly.

Routing Compliance
BJC Logistics uses both own fleet and approved carrier lists based upon ongoing rate negotiations, performance ratings and other business criteria. By consolidating the carrier decisions at a centralized transportation center, compliance with carrier selection business rules are much higher which reduces deviations and transportation costs.

BJC Logistics dynamically tracks customer shipments across multiple origins for multiple carriers and can relate shipments to orders and order items so that information is available from the appropriate user perspective without tedious translation. Aggressive management of data from carriers and within our own network ensures timely, accurate and complete information visibility.

BJC Logistics has experience shipping items from different locations, combining them at a location near the point of delivery to make a complete order, and delivering it to its final destination as a unit.

Fleet, Container and Yard Management
Many clients have dedicated trucks, containers and facilities for their own fleets. BJCL manages these resources as part of the overall transportation solution. Our state of the art systems provide complete vehicle visibility, whether the container is on site or halfway across the country. BJCL has experience serving unique transportation needs, including bulk, refrigerated, returnable container and hazardous shipments that require special treatment and regulation.


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