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Our Parent Company originated in Thailand in excess of 130 years, BJC Logistics is a leading provider of integrated Supply Chain and Logistic solutions tailored to the needs of individual client businesses. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success.

Our logistic services are available to a broad customer-base including both BJC core business units and external parties covering such segments as fast-moving Consumer goods, Medical, Industrial Chemicals, Food Specialties, and, niche Technical and Industrial products.

BJC Logistics
, formally launched in January 2000 as a 100%-owned BJC subsidiary, is dedicated to delivering the highest level of logistic professionalism and is committed to quality service and customer satisfaction. To this extent, the company strives to be a collaborative business partner and has been certified under ISO 9001 : 2008 (UKAS) Quality Certification.

The scope of our service is totally integrated, covering the provision of Supply Chain Management solutions, Licensed Customs Brokerage (utilizing electronic ‘green-line’ import / export clearance), warehousing & inventory value-added services, and, national transportation ‘door to door’ distribution services. Client business transactions are around 25,000 sale order transactions a month resulting in approximately 35,000 cases of products delivered daily throughout Thailand.

BJC Logistics currently controls over 60,000 square meters of warehousing and more than 16,000 stock keeping units (SKU’s) in three Bangkok locations, all managed by a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS). The WMS in conjunction with a modern racking system allows provision of the following advantages:

Audit and accurate tracking of each product/SKU, Precise inventory management including FIFO/FEFO/LIFO controls. Product storage and separation according to climatic storage requirements in ambient, air-conditioned, or chilled storage space, and/or, product category. Tailored customer reports and inventory management tools.


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